Meet the Team


Owners: Kira Aguirre and Alejandra Rivera

KandA at Metallica
Kira , born and raised in Pilsen, is always involved in local Chicago events, fundraisers and she remains deeply rooted in the community. Kira is a lover of coffee, all things surreal, geeky, tiki, and strange. She is a surreal artist and her images often include tiki and rockabilly themes, monsters, day of the dead and nerdy genres like Star Wars and Anime. Instagram:@VampKira_Art

Alejandra, a Chicago transplant, owned Sip and Splash BYOB paint, where she and Kira first met. She truly loves being able to teach people something new. Her painting style is surreal and detail oriented, with bright colors – usually incorporating skulls or feminist messages, and almost always with patches of outer space.  Instagram:@A.Addison


Both are members of the Mujeres Mutantes Women’s Artist Group, and both create and show art their personally (Click on their names above, to see their art), outside of the Surreal Rabbit studio. If you’ve been to classes with either (or both) of them, you know that they are a little bit nerdy. They love art and painting, Star Wars, alternative rock, Pilsen, zombies, Tiki bars and Alice in Wonderland! They’re excited to create something that is so much a part of them, to be share and enjoyed by anyone! Combined, they have been teaching BYOB painting classes for over 8 years and LOVE IT.

The Queens of Hearts,
Kira & Alejandra
KandA at TJ


Renee is a South Side Chicago native. She started with us at Sip & Splash more than 2 years ago, as an assistant. Her enthusiasm for the art and the students, and the mission of Surreal Rabbit, has kept her here, and inspired Kira and Alejandra to train her into a teacher. Renee now teaches adult and kid classes, in addition to assisting, from time to time.
She used to paint faces for the Shed Aquarium, and you’ll find her at many of our summer events, painting the town!
You can even book her to face paint at your party, here.
Renee loves to create comic strips and stories, and surreal art. She’s super goofy, and sometime her comics make you giggle.


Jason is a Pilsen native. He started as a Surreal Rabbit student, who Kira and Alejandra kept bumping in to at art shows around Pilsen. When he moved back to Chicago, we swooped him up to be part of this team.
His favorite styles of art to create are Japanese wood block prints, comic and anime art, and anything with colorful monsters- how could you go wrong with monsters?




Somewhere between reality and Wonderland, come down the rabbit hole to a space where you can relax, let loose, and have adventures in something brand new — the Surreal Rabbit.
Thank you so much for appreciating the Surreal Rabbit, and our adventure down the rabbit hole. It means the world to us!