What can I expect from a Surreal Rabbit painting experience?

All off the materials necessary to complete your masterpiece, painting or craft are included in your cost. That means paints, brushes, aprons and canvases. If we are crafting, this will also mean palettes, succulents, glue guns, ribbons, etc…..
We are ready to party – with wine glasses, bottle openers and ice, to get your drink on.
We love what we do, and we are genuinely happy to be there each night with you. Expect a social atmosphere, with plenty of purse hooks (the owners INSISTED!) and music to keep you company
Our BYOB adult  classes last 2-3 hours (times are listed in each class description) and Kid Classes last 1-2 hours.

What will I be making??

Each class has a featured painting or craft.
We will walk you through, step-by-step for the entire 2-3 hour class.

What if I don’t want to make the featured painting/craft??

Don’t! We don’t have to see your creation ever again after you leave.
Please let us help you make something you WANT to have in your home. Teachers will be focused on teaching the painting/craft of the day, but going rogue is not frowned upon, here 🙂

I haven’t painted since the 3rd grade. What if mine sucks? 

Your painting probably won’t suck.
Our instructors are professionals, who have been teaching art to drunk adults for years. They will walk you through the paintings, explaining basic brush strokes and techniques.
By teaching step-by-step, we reduce the margin for error. Each painting is developed, practiced, and tested before we teach it to you. It makes us look bad if you leave with a painting that “sucks”. So, rest assured, your creation will be pretty good.

Do I need to sign up in advance?

We advise that!!
We only have a certain number of seats available for each class. If you plan on coming with a friend or ESPECIALLY with a group, we want you all to fit and be able to sit with each other, so please give us a heads up email at contact@surrealrabbit.com if you sign up with a group.
Some of the popular paintings sell out pretty far in advance.
Call us to reserve your spot at (312) 285 -2795. You can also sign up and pay online through the Calendar .


What is the cost of a painting or craft session at Surreal Rabbit?

Adult classes vary from  $30-40.
Kids and family classes are “by donation.”

Do you provide alcohol?

We are a “Bring Your Own Beverage” (B.Y.O.B.) establishment so you are more than welcome to bring your favorite alcoholic drink, but we may not legally supply you with alcohol.
We will supply bottle openers, ice, wine glasses and cups, but we cannot sell you any alcohol.
The law states you must be 21 years old to consume alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly.

What should I wear?

We provide aprons, but it’s an art studio! And paint happens. Our acrylic paints wash out of some fabrics, but we don’t recommend wearing your nicest outfit to class.

How is Surreal Rabbit different from other paint and sip studios that I’ve heard about?
Surreal Rabbit is a local, independent, woman-owned business.
We are not a franchise, and as a result, you can rest assured that we appreciate each of our customers individually, and put added time and effort into our studio.
We have very few “rules” and we love thinking outside the box for you.
Have a crazy idea? Ask us! We find ourselves saying “Why not??” pretty often .

Kira and Alejandra teach most of the classes. We opened this business to teach art, so our heart is in the classes, and the way you feel when you leave with your finished masterpiece.
We are not paid hourly, and nobody is making us teach you art… We genuinly LOVE it.

We live in this neighborhood, our employees live in this neighborhood, and we LOVE this neighborhood ♥

All of our paintings are original and unique unless otherwise stated. They created by us for your enjoyment, and they often come with a story. We do create custom pieces for private events, and both Kira and Alejandra accept commissions. Please email contact@surrealrabbit.com to inquire about customizing our skills to your needs.

Since Alejandra and Kira are both artists, we do a lot more than just sip and paint. We support other woman-owned businesses and female artists by promoting their shops, and selling their work on our site. The universe called us to do something bigger and better with this next chapter of our adventure.
If you know of a fellow super-woman who may benefit from a partnership with us, please email contact@surrealrabbit.com and introduce us. It takes a village, does it not?

We listen to you. If you have questions, complaints, suggestions or concerns, please call (312) 285-2795  or write us an email at contact@surrealrabbit.com. Our names are Kira and Alejandra. We would love to be on a first name basis, and we would love to hear from you!